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"Toxic" BigBreachShotgun

"Toxic" BigBreachShotgun

The Big Breach shotgun is the ultimate cosplay shotgun to make you stand out. Powerful light effects are clearly visible, even across a large well lit room. In the dark the weapon glows with incredible intensity. The weapon features loadable shells and a working breach action. 


This listing is for the "Toxic" BigBreach, painted as an homage to the weapon's inspiration. Perfect for Viper Cosplay, but not a game accurate prop. This was the first produced bigbreach, its reduced price reflects its inability to be used outstretched in one hand, due to a slightly too weak latch


Printed in lightweight PLA plastic, with Epoxy resin cast barrels, the BigBreach shotgun has enough battery life for an entire day of fun. Recharging is as simple as plugging in the supplied USB cable and waiting for the included indicator to change to green. This is not a stunt prop, and will not survive significant impact. 

  • License Information

    Digital Design for the BigBreach Shotgun was done By Oddworks

    Exclusive license is retained by BigBear3d

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