Wargames Terrain by BigBear3d

High quality terrain for Fantasy and Sci-Fi

BigBear3d produces high quality Sci-fi terrain designs licensed from The Dragon's rest, and equally amazing fantasy designs licensed from Printable Scenery. BigBear3d wargames terrain is 3d printed in sturdy PLA plastic at exceptionally high detail. BigBear3d offers individual terrain sets for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, breakdown display boards for travel, as well as entire tables configured to the specifications of a major name in wargaming with our Champion's tables!

Backfield Terrain Sets 

Midfield Terrain Sets 


Open Terrain Sets 


Champion's Table

Fight like a champion

For those who compete in competitive tabletop wargames, consistent terrain quality is always a concern. We have all encountered styrofoam icebergs, cardboard L shapes, or worse yet, a barren wasteland. In an effort to provide a consistent competitive experience, BigBear3d has enlisted the help of the best players in the competitive tabletop scene to design the Champions Table. Each Champions Table comes with terrain sets and intended configurations for an entire table ready for competitive matched play. 


Breakdown Boards

Display boards meant for ease of use, BigBear3d Breakdown Boards are made of modular components that make assembly and disassembly a breeze. Easily fit the components in your luggage, and then assemble the full board at your destination.

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