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Wargames Terrain by BigBear3d

High quality terrain for Fantasy and Sci-Fi

BigBear3d produces high quality Sci-fi terrain designs licensed from The Dragon's rest, and equally amazing fantasy designs licensed from Printable Scenery. These designs are used to craft both our narrative table collection, but our Champion's Table kit for those looking for the best in 40k terrain.

chaos theme dense.jpg

Champion's Table

Fight like a champion

The ultimate solution for competitive play. The BigBear3d Champion's Table Base Set gives you everything you need to prepare for whatever an event might throw your way. Our modular ruin kits pair with crate and dense terrain sets to form a complete collection for your table. 

Our Champion's table was designed in partnership with Away Games, and you can find it featured at all of their events! You can see the Champion's table base set in use on their website:


Narrative Tables

Not every table needs to be for competitive play, sometimes you just want a cool battlefield, and BigBear3d has you covered! Our narrative tables provide unique terrain for your home or store. When a BigBear Champion updates their Champion's table, the original becomes part of our narrative collection.

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