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The Soul Stealer Bust

The Soul Stealer Bust

This amazing Model from the Artisan Guild is blown up to just about the biggest we can make it at 10.5 inches tall. 

Cower in terror before the mighty Soul Stealer! This model is perfect for large scale painting projects. 


This model is produced as a single part in liquid resin, requiring far less post processing and cleanup than FDM. It is printed in .05mm layer height for maximum quality and is entirely hollow. 

This bust is provided unpainted, or with a single primer coat. It is printed in Cream, white and Grey. 


Shipping is included in the purchase price, please allow up to 1 week before shipping. 

  • Return Policy

    We are unable to accept returns, however if a quality issue arises we will replace the items if possible. 

  • License Information

    This item is produced under commercial license from the Artisan Guild

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