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Med-tech Research Complex

Med-tech Research Complex

Previously the John Lennon Champion's Table, the Med-Tech Complex features many hi-tech sets for a science and space themed table.


Designed for Competitive 9th edition play, this table seeks to challenge the common aesthetic of the ruined battlefield. Many of the sets feature opening doors, and actual windows! Each table includes precision cut acetate sheets to ensure perfect windows every time. 


The following sets are included in the Med-Tech Research Complex, these sets are updated regularly, and may contain small differences from those pictured.

2x HEAVY FACILITY: The Heavy Facility is a 3 story ruin with an approx 5x9 inch foot print and no openings for line of sight

Keywords- Area Terrain, Scaleable, Breachable, Light Cover, Defensible, Obscuring

4x LIGHT OUTPOST:  The Light Outpost is a 2 story ruin with an approx 5x9 inch footprint and windows to allow line of sight.

Keywords- Area Terrain, Scaleable, Breachable, Light Cover, Defensible, Obscuring

6x HAB MODULE: A stand in for a traditional Container, each module is a 6x3 inch footprint, with a slight bulge for the windows increasing it to 6x4 in the middle

Keywords- Obstacle, Light Cover, Scaleable, Exposed Position

2x DROPSHIP PAD: an 8 inch drop pad for cargo ships to land and launch

Keywords: Area Terrain, Light Cover, Difficult Ground

2x NAVIGATIONAL RELAY: A stand in for a traditional forest, this 9x5 inch set contains the sensitive communication equipment necessary to coordinate supply drops

Keywords: Area Terrain, Dense Cover, Breachable, Defensible, Difficult Ground.


Due to supply chain complications and materials availability, please allow up to 90 days for production




    All BigBear3d Pro-Tables are 3d printed in sturdy PLA plastic. Tables are provided unassembled and unpainted. All sets include a large number of connector clips and caps, to connect the parts together and seal the gaps afterwards. Fat Mat is shown for display only and is not included. Models may be printed in "Light Gray" or "Space Grey"


    BigBear3d strives to provide a quality product. Though we are unable to accept returns, should there be an issue with a major print quality error, or damage to the items from shipping, please provide a picture and replacement components will be provided free of charge.


    Contact at for International shipping inquiries.


    Thanks to amazing Customers like you, BigBear3d has received a huge number of orders, which has exceeded our production capacity. Orders placed now through 4/2/23 are expected to begin production in May.

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