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Custom Build-a-Bolter

Custom Build-a-Bolter

Welcome to"Build-a-Bolter", where the weapon prop of your design comes to life!


Building a bolter is as simple as indicating which of its various options you would like included in your kit. All bolters come with a front sight, stick magazine, and ported barrel as standard. Please select from the below listed detail options. Additionally, you must select which internals and plates you would like featured.



Handle-Standard or Textured

Trigger-Beefy or standard

Grip- Plated or Standard

Charging Handle- Standard, Beefy, or Extended Charging Handle 

Barrel-You may add a Flat Shroud  or Slant Shroud


Plates and Internals:

Armor Plates- Hero or Villain

Internals-Standard or Gold


In addition to the standard options, you may upgrade your bolter with addons. When making your purchase, please select the option that includes the number of upgrades you would like included.


Upgrade Options: 

Optics- You may add a Long Range Scope, Precision Sight , Villainous spikes , or Carry Handle

Magazine- you may upgrade to a Drum or Belt Magazine 



Please allow up to 90 days before shipping to accommodate production delays.




    Each Build a Bolter is supplied as an unfinished kit composed of 3d printed parts in PLA Plastic, as well as the physical hardware necessary for assembly. Additional post processing may be required


    Kit ships via USPS Ground. 

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