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Champion's Table Base Set

Champion's Table Base Set

This base set is the core of the BigBear3d Champion's Table. Each Base set includes one of our modular ruin kits, one of our dense terrain collections, and a crate pack. These items allow you to create a full table of versatile terrain for warhammer 40k. You can customize the aesthetics of the table to your preference, both by selecting your dense collection, or choosing a particular wall or door style for your ruin kit.


The modular ruin kit comes with 200+ modular parts to build the ruins you need. Swap out parts between games, or completely change the layout of your ruins with the modular clip system. No need for glue! Opening and closing doors and window options allow you to adjust line of sight as well. 


The crate pack contains 6 large crates. If preferred you can have all 6 be solid, or have 2 open crates with sci fi machinery.


Lastly you will pick your dense terrain collection. Each collection is designed to adhere to roughly the same layout, including 4 larger dense sets, a large central set, and battlefield scatter

The Explorer Collection:  

Teams exploring these ruins have established small supply depots and power stations to coordinate their efforts.

This collection includes parts for two solar station sets, two supply depot sets, and a collection of modular ruined walls. Also included are flight cases and computers as optional scatter

The Fortress Collection:  

Not just a bastion of defense, but a powerful deterrent for the entire region with its long range missile silos.

This collection includes 2 open missile silos, 2 lidded missile silos, and a central gun emplacement. Also included are optional weapons for the emplacement, and tank traps as optional scatter.

The Overgrown Collection: 

Dark Alien forests spawn foreign and possibly dangerous flora, while crystalline growths sparkle among the otherwise barren rocks

This Collection includes 4 rocky outcroppings, 4 large Blooming Lantern Mushroom trees, two Mesmerizing Morel Trees, and a massive crystal formation. Also included is a selection of Crystal Growths as optional Scatter terrain.

The Corrupt Collection:  

A desecrated and warptouched land of chaos, where every step leads to madness.

This collection includes A large warpgate, a Blood Ritual fountain, a cauldron of rot, a Blighted Maw, and a Shrine of Change. Also included are a pair of chaos portals for optional scatter.

The Factory Collection: 

This facility processes and packages rare alien artifacts. Each of its scanning machines ready material for processing in the mighty central machine.

This collection includes modular conveyer and machine parts for 4 different processing machine sets, as well as a massive center machine set. Also included are alien artifacts and their storage equipment for optional scatter.



    Please Allow up to 60 days before shipping

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