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Ashen Manticore

Ashen Manticore

A mysterious beast that draws its tremendous powers from volcanic magma. It is said it's generated through unholy rituals by Genies and infused with the true flame. His physical strength is unmatched, his swiftness legendary and his flamethrower is destructive. The Ashen Manticore is as gray as the lava stone, but when the fury blinds his mind his proud mane and his eyes turn into burning flames. As if that were not enough, its poisonous tail is capable of stealth attacks that unexpectedly strike through its imposing body.


This model is 3d printed in liquid resin at .05mm layer height for maximum detail! ABS-like Resin ensures the model is not brittle. This model is designed with presupport from the artist, resulting in minimal required cleanup. Please note however that as with all miniatures, there will be some artifacts present from the post processing, so a hobby knife is recommended. All models are sold in parts and assembly is required.


This model is printed to scale for 32mm fantasy figures. Its imposing size will tower over even the most steadfast adventurers at 150mm tall!! Purchase includes model and base. Shipping is included in purchase price. 


Please allow up to 7 days before shipment to ensure a quality product.


  • License Information

    BigBear3d is officially authorized to sell physical prints of the Artisan Guild digital .stl files of this model can be purchased by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at:

  • Return Policy

    We are unable to accept returns, but should a major breakage or defect occur we can replace the part in question at no cost to you

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