Sparksoot Scrap Golem (Epic Boss)

Sparksoot Scrap Golem (Epic Boss)

The Sparksoot Scap golem is a lumbering magical automaton from The Artisan Guild's Sparksoot Goblins release. This scary machine has a top section ready for a rider!


This figure is printed in high detail liquid resin, and shipped unassembled and unpainted. Golem Stands approx 110mm tall. All prints are in grey


Please allow 7 business days before shipping to ensure a quality product

  • Return Policy

    We are unable to offer returns on these items, however if an item is damaged irreperably in transit we will replace it free of charge

  • Licensing information

    These items are produced under commercial license from The Artisan Guild

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    Shipping and handling is included via USPS ground.


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