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Scarab Heavy Hauler

Scarab Heavy Hauler

Perfect for transporting vital troops through the most dangerous battlefields, this massive hauler is large enough to be used as its own terrain set! This is from The Dragon's Rest Origins collection. This Hauler is scaled for 28mm wargaming.

This set is constructed from modular components, which are compatible with components from other vehicles in this collection.


Due to this sets complexity instructions for assembly are provided. Please allow 14 days before shipping to ensure a quality product.

  • Product Information and Return Policy

    Item is shipped unassembled and unpainted. I am unable to offer refunds, however if a significant print defect is discovered or damage incurred during shipping a replacement component can be shipped free of charge.

  • Shipping Information

    Price of product includes shipping and handling to the continental United States by USPS ground. international shipping my incur additional fees

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