Legacy 8th edition Nick Nanavati Champion's Table

Legacy 8th edition Nick Nanavati Champion's Table

The Nick Nanavati Champion's table is the first to include bases for many of its individual sets. This table, with an advanced sci-fi military theme, is designed to fit the NOVA standard terrain format. Heavy central terrain provides LOS blocking, while rear terrain offers limited hard cover for large vehicles. Read more about Nick Nanavati in our Hall of Champions!


Like all BigBear3d Pro-Tables this is designed with modular components from The Dragon's Rest, allowing it to be built in the shown configuration or thousands of others! It also includes a limited selection from PrintableScenery.com. There is an exceptionally large amount of terrain in this bundle, and shipping is included in the purchase price.


Due to Complications from Covid-19 please allow 45 days before shipping to ensure a quality product. Ready for Battle tables may require as much as 90 days before shipping


This table contains the following sets:

2 Punctured barrier

2 secure platforms

rocket launchpad

Excavation site

"Mission control" area terrain and 12x6 inch base

"Fighting position" area terrain and 12x6 inch base

BumbleBee Rocket


The Nick Nanavati Champions Table is also available "Ready for Battle" Fully assembled and beautifully painted by Jonathan Kuck. Multiple themes are available, including the Arctic Outpost theme, and the Overgrown Fortress Theme. Please indicate your paint preferences in the comments section. Price includes shipping, which is more involved with fully assembled and painted items. 

  • Product Information

    All BigBear3d Pro-Tables are 3d printed in sturdy PLA plastic. Tables are provided unassembled and unpainted. All sets include a large number of connector clips and caps, to connect the parts together and seal the gaps afterwards. Fat Mat is shown for display only and is not included. Models may be printed in "Light Gray" or "Space Grey"

  • Return Policy

    BigBear3d strives to provide a quality product. Though we are unable to accept returns, should there be an issue with a major print quality error, or damage to the items from shipping, please provide a picture and replacement components will be provided free of charge.

  • Shipping Info

    Table pricing includes handling and USPS Ground shipping to the continental United States. Contact at Bigbear@bigbear3d.net for International shipping inquiries.

  • License Information

    This set features the following Items from PrintableScenery.com's Clorehaven and the Goblin Grotto:

    Raised Caverns

    This set Features the following items from The Dragon's Rest:

    Outpost Origins Ultimate Collection, Sector Fatalis Collection


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