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John Lennon Champion's Table

John Lennon Champion's Table

A true master of the Tyranid swarm, John Lennon has been the player to beat in Florida and around the United States at event after event. Teaming up with the WTC, we are proud to present the WTC Official edition of this table, designed in concert with the organization itself to provide the perfect competitive experience. This mountain of terrain is perfect to practice for virtually any meta with 36 individual sets in the full collection!


Unlike many of our other tables, the full collection is not designed for a single particular layout or configuration, but is rather a collection of sets meant to allow play in all 8 of the WTC official table sets detailed in the official WTC 2022 terrain pack. Play any of these 8, or use the collection to expand a selection of tables. With modular parts the choices are endless!


For those with an extensive collection already, we offer the partial collection, containing slightly fewer sets at a reduced price. As well as the ability to order a specific table layout from the WTC Terrain pack If you prefer.

Due to dramatic shifts in the supply chain and availability of materials, please allow up to 60 days for production.


Designed for Competitive 9th edition play, this collection seeks to challenge the common aesthetic of the ruined battlefield. Many of the sets feature opening doors, and actual windows! Each collection includes precision cut acetate sheets to ensure perfect windows every time. 


The following sets are included in the John Lennon Champion's Table full collection , Their dimensions and keywords can be found in the WTC 2022 official terrain pack.

6x Prefab wall: The Prefab Wall is listed in the WTC terrain pack as "3-story ruin"

6x Open Hab:  The Open Hab is listed in the WTC terrain pack as "2-story ruin"

12x Industrial Crate:  Industrial Crates are listed in the WTC terrain pack as "Containers". There are 2 standard crate variants, 4 of each are included. as well as 2 each of the open crates, featuring a generator or mining drill.

6x Dropship Pad: Dropship pads are listed in the WTC terrain pack as "Industrial Vent"

5x Research Station:  Research stations are listed in the WTC terrain pack as "Forest". This set has 2 variations. 2 of the "command center" and 3 of the "lab specimen" variants are included in this collection.


The Partial collection includes the following:

4x Prefab wall

4x Open Hab

8x Industrial Crate

4x Dropship Pad

2x Research Station


    All BigBear3d Pro-Tables are 3d printed in sturdy PLA plastic. Tables are provided unassembled and unpainted. All sets include a large number of connector clips and caps, to connect the parts together and seal the gaps afterwards. Fat Mat is shown for display only and is not included. Models may be printed in "Light Gray" or "Space Grey"


    BigBear3d strives to provide a quality product. Though we are unable to accept returns, should there be an issue with a major print quality error, or damage to the items from shipping, please provide a picture and replacement components will be provided free of charge.


    Contact at for International shipping inquiries.


    This collection is made of up modular components from The Dragon's Rest, commercially licensed by BigBear3d. This collection is likewise officially licensed by the WTC.


    Please allow 60 days before shipping

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