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Diggaz the Plague Zeek

Diggaz the Plague Zeek

Among the largest and deadliest Worms who infest the lands, the Plague Zeeks are probably the most terrifying. Giant armored worm-like monstrosity from the depths who spread death and plague, capable of causing earthquakes and destroy a town in few minutes.
The Kobolds decided to build a platform on top of the beast to shoot spells and arrows: lucky, Kobolds compensate their lack of wisdom with their huge number.
It is said that Kornutaaz managed to tame this huge beast with powerful sorceries and by hatching the egg himself. He called the thing... Diggaz.


3d printed in liquid resin at .05mm layer height for maximum detail! ABS-like Resin ensures the model is not brittle. This model is designed with presupport from the artist, resulting in minimal required cleanup. Please note however that as with all miniatures, there will be some artifacts present from the post processing, so a hobby knife is recommended. 


There are 2 versions of this model Available:

Diggaz the Plague Zeek

Diggaz with platform and Kornutaaz


This model is printed to scale for 32mm fantasy figures. At 110mm tall, this terrifying foe is a match for even the most capable adventurers. Base is included. Shipping is included in purchase price. All models are sold in parts so assembly is required.


Please allow up to 7 days before shipment to ensure a quality product.


  • License Information

    BigBear3d is officially authorized to sell physical prints of the Artisan Guild digital .stl files of this model can be purchased by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at:

  • Return Policy

    We are unable to accept returns, but should a major breakage or defect occur we can replace the part in question at no cost to you

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