Demon Prince of Slaanesh

Demon Prince of Slaanesh

This custom Demon Prince of Slaanesh is made with a combination of 3d printed parts from The Artisan Guild and The Maker's Cult, as well as the body of a Games Workshop Maulerfiend. It contains 15 individual LED lights inside! While it doesnt feature wings, its snakey body allows fast movement and leaps, and its bulk has been concentrated to the top to emulate the LOS profile its wings should take up. It is equipped with malefic talons and a warp bolter as well.

The chest, kneck, eyes, hands and tubes all have light effects that are bright enough to be seen across the tabletop even in a lit room, and with enough battery life for a single set of batteries to last an entire event! They also feature a switch to be turned on and off and a battery port for easy replacement.


This model was made for my 2020 LVO army, and was made as part of a set of 3. Your Purchase can be any one of these three models, who are modeled and painted in the same scheme and may feature minute variation. 

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    This model was made in a batch of multiple identical figures. Your purchase may differ very slightly from the shown model, but will be the same conversions in the same scheme. 

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