Custom Big Breach Shotgun

Custom Big Breach Shotgun

The Big Breach shotgun is the ultimate cosplay shotgun to make you stand out. Featuring loadable shells, a working breach top action, as well as working trigger and hammer with visible internals, the Big Breach is not your average prop!


The standard Big Breach is printed entirely in PLA plastic, and comes assembled . The entirety of the model including the barrels will be plastic. It includes a pair of unpainted shells. Perfect for applying your own custom paint job.  Adding Resin Cast liquid energy effect barrels can make this simple prop go from modern to sci-fi in an instant!


If a cool shotgun isnt enough by itself, the Premium Big Breach takes it a step further by adding light effects throughout. Lit front panelling, as well as a fully lit liquid effects barrel are powered by an LED lit push button located on the frame. Recharging the battery is as simple as plugging in the supplied USB cable and waiting for the indicator to change to green. All Premium Big Breach shotguns are given a two color paint job and clearcoat for safe handling. Custom Professional paint is available on Premium Big Breach Shotguns.


Please allow 30 days before shipping to ensure a quality product. Custom Paint may require more time. Photos above show a Premium Big Breach with Basic Two tone paint. For Custom Paint orders we will follow up with you after sale for the details.


shipping is included in the purchase


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