Crusader Rifle

Crusader Rifle

The Crusader rifle is the answer to all of a superhuman warriors problems. Evil cyborgs, space bugs, psychic aliens, rebellious dissidents, the Crusader Rifle solves it all.


This prop is exceptionally lightweight but strong, printed in sturdy PLA plastic. Set comes unassembled and unpainted, in either light or space grey.


Please allow 14 days before shipping to ensure a quality product

  • Product Information and Return Policy

    Item is shipped unassembled and unpainted. I am unable to offer refunds, however if a significant print defect is discovered or damage incurred during shipping a replacement component can be shipped free of charge.

  • Shipping Information

    Price of product includes shipping and handling to the continental United States by USPS ground. international shipping my incur additional fees

  • License Information

    This item is produced under special permission but not license by its creator. This permission is revokable at any time by the model designer.

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