Baalzradon the Demon King (Epic Boss)

Baalzradon the Demon King (Epic Boss)

Baalzradon the Demon King from The Artisan Guild is an amazing addition to Fantasy and Sci fi games alike. This mini comes with options for a mace, axe and sword, and is available both with and without wings. Scaled down this is also available as "Baalzradon the Demon Prince" and is more appropriate as a smaller hero.


This figure is printed in high detail liquid resin, and shipped unassembled and unpainted. Full size Baalzradon is approx 205mm tall, Demon Prince size is 85mm toes to wingtips.


Please allow 10 business days before shipping to ensure a quality product

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    We are unable to offer returns on these items, however if an item is damaged irreperably in transit we will replace it free of charge

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    These items are produced under commercial license from The Artisan Guild

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