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The Armored Battlement

The Armored Battlement

This Backfield ruin is present on the Richard Siegler Champions table, and roughly conforms to the 12x9 inch Pro-tabletop standard for a backfield ruin.

This features a large corner pillar, substantial armored battlements, rear stairs and an armored sliding door. This configuration requires glue for assembly of some sections

The "Damaged" version instead features severe damage to the upper walkways, and a hinged door instead of the slide.


The components of this set are modular, and compatible with other sets from bigbear3d's Dragon's Rest collection. 


Please allow 30 days before shipping to account for Covid related complications and ensure a quality product.



  • Product Information

    Item is shipped unassembled and unpainted in sturdy lightweight PLA plastic. Items are shipped in Grey (due to covid-19 additional colors may be used)

  • Shipping Information

    Price of product includes shipping and handling to the continental United States by USPS ground. international shipping inquiries please reach out to

  • Return Policy

    We are unable to accept returns or refunds, however should you have items that are damaged or defective these will be replaced free of charge.

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