BigBear3d Hall of Champions

BigBear3d is proud to partner with many of the best players in Warhammer 40k. To learn more about each of the BigBear3d Champions click their link below

Richard Siegler

2019 NOVA and Atlanta open winner

2020 Las Vegas Open winner

#1 40k player in the ITC

I am the reigning NOVA Open,Las Vegas Open, Warzone Atlanta, and Atlanta Open champion and currently the #1 player overall in the ITC. I have had a lot of success this season in different mission formats and I hope to continue that form next season as part of the ETC's Team USA. If you are looking for a table format for high quality matched play games, check out Big Bear 3D's excellent terrain. I designed the Siegler champion's table to mirror the standardized terrain of Pro Tabletop's Atlanta Open with significant line of sight blocking in the center and corners of the board. This ensures that the game does not devolve into whoever goes first has a significant advantage. This format allows games to evolve over the full 6 turns and encourages the ability to seek advantages in small skirmishes and careful board control than a static firefight. If you're in the market for high quality sci-fi terrain for matched play, BigBear3d is a good fit.


William Frederick

2018 ATC champion and NOVA Best General

2019 NOVA Champion 

2020 LVO Champion

William Frederick is BigBear3d’s first Age of Sigmar Champion! William is a Slaanesh Demons player who has seen victory at numerous events across the United States for several years in both team and singles competition. William's Age of Sigmar table is under construction, but will feature models from Printable Scenery’s Clorehaven and the Goblin Grotto sets, printed at extremely high detail by BigBear3d. Look for the William Frederick Champion’s table for Age of Sigmar, releasing this march!


Chris Blackham

2019 Adepticon Top 4 and Nova Top 8

CharityHammer player

Hi gamers!!

Chris Blackham here and I love 40k! I have been playing since the early 1990s. I was hooked on space hulk (space crusade for my fellow Englishmen). I loved playing with imperial fists and having a large powerfist on my leader! Oh to be young again..

Anyway..... Competitive play has been my main focus since early 2000s, I've been through all the crazy periods of 40k and I am used to the power creeps and all the craziness GW throws at us. Currently I only play xenos armies. Bored of the 'good' guys… My favorite army is Dark Eldar, and number one model for me is the incubi. I have had good success over the last couple of years with flyers and Eldar soup. I will likely be continuing on this train for a while but might venture into Necrons soon.

The Chris Blackham Champions Table is designed to conform to the standard terrain format of LVO 2020. The Chris Blackham Champion’s Table features models from The Dragon’s Rest, printed in high detail by BigBear3d. 


John Lennon

3 year consecutive Crucible Champion

2019 NOVA, SoCal and ATC Runner Up

2019 BAO and LVO Top 8

#3 40k player in the ITC

John Lennon spent a number of years dominating the southeast warhammer scene with his Tyranid and Genestealer cult forces, quickly establishing a record as a sharp and consistent player in both team and singles events. John Lennon is also a founding member and leader in Brohammer, the number 1 gaming team in the ITC and the second place team at ATC 2019.

The John Lennon Champion's Table is under construction, featuring high quality prints from the Dragon's Rest printed by Bigbear3d. Look for the John Lennon Champions Table releasing this summer!


Nick Nanavati

2018 ITC Winner

2018 LVO Winner

2x ETC Winner

4x Adepticon Winner

3x NOVA Invitational Winner

I’ve been playing 40k for 15 years, and I’ve seen success on the competitive circuit for about a decade now. I’ve been coaching pro 40k for about two years now and in that time I’ve helped tons of clients reach high levels of success, including winning multiple GT’s and majors.


BigBear3d has honored me with the excellent prestige of being in their Hall of Champions and designing a custom table for me. The table features amazing sets by Printable Scenery and The Dragon's Rest and will feature two large line of sight blockers in the middle, 2 medium sized hills, 2 medium sized ruins for the corners. and two medium sized pieces of area terrain to represent forests or craters. This is a very "standard" terrain layout meant to emulate that used at NOVA.